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SURMA extraordinary place to visit with superb scenery and colorful culture fascinating costumes, colorful ceremonies and celebrations, crafts, music and dance of Surma people along with the natural forests in the western part.  Piercing and lip plates are a strong part of the SURMA culture. At the point of puberty most women have their bottom teeth removed in order to get their lower lip pierced. Once the lip is pierced, it’s then stretched and a lip plate is then placed in the hole of the piercing. Having a lip plate is a sign of beauty and the bigger the plate, the more cattle the woman is worth. This is important when the women are ready to get married. 

The unmarried man plays stick fighting known as DONGA and being a winner will be considered as hero and by girls valued highly during their mate selection besides having many herds of cattle.

The surma villages along the hills will a glance of astonishing customs and ceremonies to experience for trekkers while they walk on the hot temperate surma chain hill. 

Surma trekking TOURS can range from a day trip to a two week expedition, from traveling 5 or 10 km per day to 25 km per day. Every night can be spent in a different campsite, or one can choose to explore a particular area for more than a day Tour and travel to Ethiopia experts will select the best route depending on the time you have available, your sightseeing interests, and the amount of physical energy you would like to exert.