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Phenomenal Experience/ Excellent Service

First of all, I must say that those interested in history, art, and culture owe it to themselves to visit Ethiopia and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, inspiring monasteries, and welcoming people. That being said, if you're reading this, you probably already have that inclination. This review is for those looking to retain quality tour guide services and I must say that Hidden Treasures Tour Operators delivers in full!

Want a custom tour? You got it! Great food, great lodgings? Done. HTT has a solid network in place so that wherever you travel in the country, you're always taken care of. For 2 weeks, I visited over 7 different cities with multiple sites/locations. In each place, my food/lodging needs were well met, my safety and comfort was a priority, and my hospitable guides were so well informed - human encyclopedias with a smile!!!The sites were breathtaking, the culture was just what I needed, and my experience was the best vacation I've ever had! Point blank period!!!Thank you Hidden Treasures Tours - Because of you, I've found a new love in Ethiopia. My next mission is to bring my friends and family to share the experience and I look forward to retaining the services of Hidden Treasures once again.I highly recommend HTT's services to anyone considering a trip to Ethiopia. Indeed this was some of the best money I've ever spent. Should you experience the majesty of Ethiopia through this company, you'll find that the people are some of the Hidden Treasures referenced in their name - People that go out of their way to make you feel welcome and ensure your safety and comfort. I'm so thankful that I was able to make this trip and HTT will forever have a place in my heart.Quality service!!!       Oliver III   California, USA

 Best Holliday

I can tell you I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the chance to go on this trip. I had always wanted to visit Africa but it seemed like a "maybe someday" possibility. I loved learning about the fascinating history and amazing culture of Ethiopia. Our tour guide, teddy, was an absolute treasure. He displayed a perfect combination of competence (navigating us through airports), knowledge (able to tell compelling stories about every sight we saw) and good humor (always smiling and seeming to enjoy himself).Having him along really enhanced our experience. All the other drivers and employees we dealt with were also great. The hotels we stayed in were clean and comfortable. It was nice to be able to modify our itinerary when we wanted to, for example, instead of taking the mule tour in Lalibela we visited a local school at my sister's request (she's a teacher) and saw a different monastery which was beautiful and really interesting.Our flights all went well with one near-exception, we almost did not make it on the flight to Lalibela (remember that on Friday, we were listed as standby but were told we would be confirmed over the weekend?). When we got to the airport Monday morning we were still standby and it looked unlikely we would make it. We spent an anxious hour sitting on the airport floor and ended up on a separate flight from our guide, but it did all work out in the end. That was probably the biggest problem we experienced on the whole trip, I'm happy to say.Francesca and Daniela, France

 Great tour in Ethiopia

In May 2011, we have done a wonderful customized tour of three weeks in Ethiopia organized by HTT. It included one week of trekking on the Simien Mountain National Parks and two weeks of cultural visits through the whole country, from the area of Trigray to Arbaminch. The tour was exceptionally well organized by HTT, as concerned both the camp and personnel used in the mountains and the car and hotel/lodge accommodations in the other areas. It was completely planned via e-mail, without any problem, and the price was not far from those typical of standard group tours, which are shorter and of significantly lower level. The agency also gave us the right suggestions about the best places to visit with respect to the season. We strongly recommend to visit this surprising country, which is probably scarcely considered compared to other destinations in Africa, and to contact HTT for the journey.Stefano and Antonella, Italy

Just Incredible Holiday!  Every body at HTT, This was by far the best trip I have ever taken in my life. Every single detail was perfect and very well organized. This was my first trip to Ethiopia and it is definitely not my last as I look forward to bring my family and friend next time I come over. I wish I had a little more time, but the last 7 days with you guys have been amazing.Thanks to both of you for taking care of me as a member of your own family and I really appreciate it.If you ever come to Austria, please email me and I will be glad to show you guys around.Take care and best wishes,    Mimi Schrittwieser   Austria, Vienna

Great TripMy husband and I booked a customized tour to travel to the north and south of Ethiopia, plus hiking in the Simian Mountains. The service provided by Hidden Tours was really great and they were flexible with our itinerary to make sure we had the best time in Ethiopia. And we did - it was one of the best trips we have ever taken (and we travel a lot - not the first time we've been to Africa!). Teddy was very patient and honest about planning our trip via email. He was very thorough and made sure to include as much as we wanted to see and experience as was possible in the time we had (unfortunately not enough - only about 2 weeks!). He also hooked us up with great guides along the way and the best personal touch was the farewell dinner, where he and our awesome driver (for the Omo valley part) took us to dinner in an authentic restaurant with incredible food and amazing dancing and singing. I highly recommend using this tour company - they are fair and the prices are very good when compared to other companies. They made sure we had the best experience in their country.      Jennifer and Eric Spoley      New York, United States   

Wonderful Experience with HTTIt’s long time ago since we came back home but…here it goes our reviews • Amazing 2 weeks trip. Best experience ever. Nothing stays the same after this trip.• Everything was very easy with HTT, since the very beginning when we started to plan the trek till the end of the trip.• Any inconvenience or changes in original plans were gently and efficiently solved by our guide Teddy, a very charm and professional guy.• The lodges and hotels were among the best possible in every town we stayed in. Food was better than expected. Being under HTT hands was a quality guarantee for us.Overall, the trip was outstanding.    Many thanks     Paul Klemer, Caley Johnson and Ryan Daley    Colorado, USA